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On Tour - Western Front Extention Tour 6 May 2015


Due to a security issue on the internet, I was not able to report to you last evening.

The 6th May was a full day taking people from our group to special locations where they had family interred or where family had served. Our first visit was right out to St Sever Cemetery at Rouen. This was a 120 Km trip to the cemetery and we were pleased to be able to find the grave of Bob Johnson's great uncle. We conducted a small service and laid a poppy in remembrance with Bob reading a prayer, quite moving as it always is. This was the first time that anyone in the family had visited the grave.

Also, while at Rouen, we visited the graves of the only 2 Australian Women buried on the Western Front, Hilda Knox and Louisa Rigall. We paid our respects before heading back to the Somme area.

We were able to take our group to the sites that the coaches were visiting, Pozieres, The Windmill, Locknager Crater, Bullecourt and Peronne. At Peronne we visited the new display that is in the Museum and we were most impressed with the electronic wizardry, and excellent moving display showing the famous Battle of Mont St Quentin.

After our visit, we were entertained at dinner in the Museum by Dominique Frere and all had a wonderful conclusion to yet another busy day.



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