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Our Other Anzac Day Tour 24 April 2019


Quite a day. We headed out at a leisurely 0900 for the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux where John H told the story of the 15 Brigade attack on the night of 24/25 April 1918. 1000 was the appointed hour for our visit to the Sir John Monash centre, a fix of the technology and then to be impressed by the great show.

Off to the woodland where Cliff Saddler won the VC and a description of the action by 13 Bde, and the first tank vs tank battle near Cachy.

On our way into Villers-Bretonneux town we paused at the Adelaide cemetery to visit the site where Australia's unknown soldier was exhumed. The Victoria School and Museum made a great impression.

½ hour in the mini-bus and we were at Dernancourt where John L explained the significance of this battle that stopped the Germans in their tracks and removed the threat from Amiens in April 1918. Sailly le Sec followed with the 3Div memorial and a description of that division's deployment.

On our way to Le Hamel, we stopped off at the site where Baron Von Richthofen's Fokker triplane crashed after it was shot down by an Australian machine gun. Our visit to the Le Hamel site was delayed, a VIP on a private visit took precedence over we Australian taxpayers who paid for the memorial. During the delay John H gave a description of the battle, a description that all made sense when we were finally granted access to the windy hill.

A drive back to Peronne for dinner and an early night, we have to leave at 0200 tomorrow.


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