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On Tour - Greece and Crete ANZAC Day in Athens 2011 - 30 April 2011


Today we visited an Icon workshop to see how they are prepared befoe heading north towards the FYROM (old Yugoslavian) border. Arrived in Florina to meet the Bishop and were received very well indeed and after speaches, all were presented with an Easter egg that he had blessed.

Then we proceeded up the hill behind Florina where we had lunch at this very fine restaurant. Not booked, we caused some constenation when we arrived ready to consume food and drink.

No problem, with Matt Walsh and Graham Fleeton doing the drinks, the owner, our coach driver and our Greek guide Elena organised the menus, orders and delivered the food as it came out of thekitchen. Another exciting day for all.

We are in our new hotel which is excellent and some are swimming in the heated pool while others are walking into this non tourist town.

Dinner tonight will be very fine. Tomorrow we head to the border for our briefing and then to the battlefield of Vevi where the 2/4 Bn, 2/8 Bn stood with the Rangers, Dodencanese Regt and Greek 21 Regiment awaitng the Germans to burst out of the Montisir Gap.

We have with us 17 of our group whose father or uncle were in this action. This will be a special day for all as we walk across those ridges where our men waited and then fought.




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