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On Tour - Greece and Crete ANZAC Day in Athens 2011 - 24 April 2011


The photos depict an increadible day with the Presidential Guard for their Easter Lunch.

Presentations were made to Comd 11 Bde, a tour group member and Colonel Graham Fleeton at the briefing. Colonel Fleeton also presented a 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers plaque to the Presidential Guard Commander in honour of those memvers of the 2/1 Machine Gun Battalion who lost their lives in 1941.

He was in fact born in Sydney and his Dad returned to Greece following the death of his mother in the early 80's.

A Channel 10 vews crew were there and only on the permission of the President of Greece. There has never been press allowed in the presidential guard barracks ever before.

The Commander's presentation was quite moving and he did state that in the whole history of Greece there has never been an outside country to come to Greece to help her in her time of need, except Australia and New Zealand in 1941. He also said that the Greek people will never forget that support.



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