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On Tour - RAAF in the UK 10 July 2011


Duxford, here we are at the Air Show on a much better day weather wise than we have had for a few days. We arrived at 0930 parked the coach and proceeded onto the airfield for the display.

There are two distinct displays here at the air show, one is an unbelievable static display that not only has planes but there is a ground war stand that has many tanks, armoured cars and artillery pieces. The second display of course is the flying display and this display started with a number of Spitfires climbing into the sky as a group. What a good start.

The flying display continued, one after the other of truly "flying legends", Hurricanes, a Lightning, Corsairs, Bear Cats, Grummans, Me 109's, Sea Furies, Curtis Hawks, Skyraiders and many more fighters from the period 1916 to 1955. Then we were also treated to the arrival of the Lancaster and the flight of the B17 and Junkers. This display continued until 1700 when we were treated to a mass fly past.

Amongst this incredible days activities, two of our party, Tony Todd and Stephen Marburg went on joy flights and were able to actually fly the aircraft that they were in. An experience that they will both remember and while Tony was aloft, his plane was able to fly in a formation with two others.

At dinner that night the "flyboys" told their stories between starter and main course. A big day.


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