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UK Railway Tour Tour 27 July 2018


We were in Heartbeat territory today, out on the Yorkshire Moors. Pickering and Grosmont was were the television show, Heartbeat, was set and filmed. The countryside is beautiful and with the rain yesterday all the trees seemed to be lifting their leaves as they have had a long period of no rain that did leave them sad looking.

Leaving York at 0800, with our relief driver Christine at the wheel we headed towards Pickering where we were to join the 0935 train to Whitby. Our plan was to travel straight to Whitby, arriving at 1105, then make our way to the harbour and find a nice fish Restaurant so as to enjoy the fresh local seafood. This we did and lunch was enjoyed by all. Mussels, Monkfish, Seafood Platter and Chicken. for those who were not keen on seafood, were all consumed with relish. This after the fabulous trip down from Pickering travelling through gorgeous scenery set the day up for us. Michael didn't join us for our lunch as he wanted to use his time finding and visiting the Captain Cook Museum, which he did and thought it excellent.

Whitby itself is steeped in history and known for its quirky narrow streets and bustling harbour overlooked by the ruins of the Whitby Abby. The tide was out so with a drop of 4 metres from the high tide mark, the harbour was not letting us see it at its best, but the bustling area it surely was and it was down one of those narrow streets that we had found our restaurant. One could spend much more time in Whitby viewing the town and climbing to the Abby but we needed to catch the 1245 Steam Train to start our trip back to Pickering. We boarded our train and headed off again firstly following the edge of the river before heading through the valley and out onto the Moors.

Arriving at Grosmont we left the train to make our way to the sheds as this was the home of the operating and engineering world of the railway.. There we found the engine sheds where their steam and diesel locomotives are repaired, maintained and stored. We were fortunate to see the Loco that was to take us back to Pickering be checked over, have the ash from its firebox cleared and then recoiled before being driven down and coupled to our carriages. There is a tunnel that takes you to the sheds, built in 1835 by George Stephenson to run a horse drawn train through the tunnel. In keeping with the Heartbeat era, the station is themed in the 1952 period. The station and surrounding homes and shops definitely give you a feeling of past times.

A really great day out on the Yorkshire Moors and we finally arrived back into the 1930's themed Pickering station where the town's 13th Century Castle looks down over this old market town. Tomorrow there will be more adventures as we head north to Wensleydale Heritage Railway.


Graham Fleeton
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