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UK History & Heritage Railway Tour - 16 August 2017


We had a complete change today, no steam trains! We visited the Crich Tramway Village, nestling high up in the heart of Derbyshire overlooking the famous Derwent Valley. Crich Tramway Village is a lovingly restored period village that is also the home of the National Tramway Museum.

Frank was the instigator who persuaded me to arrange to visit the Museum and a good choice it was. There is a vintage tram fleet at the site, 50 or so Trams and all in very good condition indeed.

As well as running tram rides, there is much history here and many of the volunteers become involved with the museum do most of the repair and restoration work, however, there are times when parts are sent away to be repaired by outside contractors. The workshop is quite extensive and well fitted out to do the job required. Each 8 years a tram has to have a major inspection.

The trams are let out to various functions as a marketing or PR system for the those hiring the Trams.

On the anniversary of the end of the Trams in Sheffield which was the day there was a new tram system being taken on by the Council, one of the horse drawn trams was to sit on the line and be photographed for the marketing exercise. The horse was named Rupert and while Rupert was waiting for the start of the proceedings and as he had been trained to walk between the lines, when all went quiet, Rupert took off down the road. Everything was in a uproar until they caught Rupert and were able to turn the tram around. This was not easy as they had to go to where the tram tracks enable trams to turn.

We left the Museum, had lunch and then continued on our way north to York. Tomorrow we will be visiting the National Railway Museum.


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