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Second Boer War Tour to South Africa 30 May 2018


We must have been penitent yesterday, the weather gods shone their faces upon us, and gave us a beautiful sunny day.

We headed for the Museum of Military History in Johannesburg with Pieter giving us details of the areas we were passing through. We found the Museum in excellent fettle well worth the visit. As you walk through you follow the South African involvement in 150 years of conflict. All the exhibits are in excellent condition; the display of armoured vehicles in particular (I know they had horses in the Boer War, but ...).

We then drove to the site of the battle of Diamond Hill. Gaining access to the site again required Pieter's ingenuity. In a gated community, the site is in excellent condition. There we considered the course of the battle and were impressed with the state of the site. Ross ably assisted by John took another soil sample for the New South Wales War Memorial.

Then to Pretoria where we visited Morant and Handcock's grave site and the Boer War graves. We also paid our respects at Hero's Acre where President Kruger and many Boer heroes are interred. The way this cemetery has been vandalised made us sad.

A short drive then to our hotel and a good night's rest.



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