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On Tour - Boer War in South Africa 7 June 2016


One of those really great days. Unlike Sydney, in Bloemfontein the sun was shining and birds chirping.

A later start and we headed to Naval Hill, to view the city on high. A great view of the railway station where Ron's Dad would have transited through on his way from Port Elizabeth north to join the fight against the Boer guerrillas.

From there we drove to the Womens Monument to spend some time in contemplation of the women and children who died in the ill managed concentration camps.

Then a walk to the monuments to the men exiled and the bitter enders.

Adjacent was the magnificent Museum of the Boer Republics. John H noted quite a bit of work had been done since he spent time there in 2014, including a new room dedicated to the suffering of Black South Africans during the Boer War. Sid and John L, of course tried to buy the Museum out of its saleable books.

Outside we inspected the wendy house built by prisoners in WW1, the train, blockhouse, hospital and gun collection.

Lunch was alfresco at the quaint restaurant adjacent the Museum.

After lunch we drove past President Brand Cemetery, noting the central plinth. No time to waste, we were due at the Armour Museum, Tempe. There we were treated to a tour of the exhibits by the curator WO 1 Sieg Marais. Sid and John L, had a great time at the Museum Shop, coming away with some unique items.

The day ended with a drink at the Museum bar, with the Colonel and Museum staff. The roof was festooned with caps. John H left bare headed leaving his Royal New South Wales Lancers cap for inclusion in the collection.

Another great evening meal, and off to bed. We are leaving early as we have a long drive to Johannesburg via Kroonstad and much to do along the way.


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