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Bomber Command and RAAF in the UK 1939/1945 - 9 July 2017


Another wonderful days among the aeroplanes here in the UK. My there are some wonderful collections and it is reasonable to say that the Shuttleworth Collection is among the best, but then if you take into consideration that nearly all of the planes in the collection are flown regularly, then it should be the best.

We started our day at the Shuttleworth Collection and as we arrived we noticed that there was a bus rally going on in the grounds. There were not only buses but many trucks and a few cars, even an American ambulance from the Second World War. However, our main interest was the aeroplanes and for that we met Ken, our guide and proceeded to the workshop where we were to see those planes under some type of work or restoration.

Finally I was able to see the Spitfire that has been rebuilt, it has taken many years and it will be flying soon. There were a few other planes undergoing some work on them and this part of the Tour is really good for the enthusiasts as they ask the questions and Ken provides answers far more detailed than one would expect.

We then moved through the many hangars to view the planes from the Bleriot to the Spitfire and many in between. There were also the planes on show that were in the film about those men in their flying machines. The First World War collection is very good and to think they all still are flown, does make it hard to accept.

A great visit by all and special thanks again to Ken and his knowledge. We left Shuttleworth and headed to Lunch at the Five Bells at Henlow. Michael, our driver had to book for us as many Pubs are booked out on Sundays. A lovely lunch, many had the Sunday roasts and then we headed back to see Tempsford, the site of the Memorial to all those girls who were lost while supporting the Partisans in Greece, France, Yugoslavia or any other area that was fighting the Germans. We conducted a small Service at their Memorial and present with us were 2 walkers who happened along.

Up the hill to look back to the airstrip and where the agents boarded their flight to occupied Europe, Following the visit to Tempsford we made our way to the huge hangars at Cardington that were the home of the airships R101 and R102. Those airships were not a success and both did not last too long. The hangars are now used as stages for film sets but there is a huge airship near the hangars that is undergoing trials.

Back to our hotel then and many went for walk on the shores of the Oise River before dinner in the hotel. Tomorrow we head down to London via Hendon, Runnymeade and finally the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park.

The tour has also been a gourmet tour and the meals we had had in all our hotels have been something special and not only in the Hotels, many country Pubs have had excellent meals and our lunch today lived up to the high standard previously set and broken.


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