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Bomber Command and RAAF in the UK 1939/1945 - 8 July 2017


Duxford Flying Legends Air Show, yes, we were there and saw many legendary aircraft fly. Why is it called the Flying Legends, because all the planes are from the WW2 vintage and many responsible for helping win the War. Some of those famous planes that we saw flying today are as follows:

5 Hurricanes or Battle of Britain fame.
11 Spitfires, the famous Spitfires who were the other part of the team in the Battle of Britain.
1 Blenheim Bomber who led the bombers early on until the Lancaster, Halifax and Stirling came on line.
Mustangs, those long range fighters who went with the B17's to protect them against the Luftwaffe.
1 B17
The enemy of the Hurricane and Spitfire, the ME109 plus many planes that fought in the Pacific War.
The famous Comet and the Catalina, a real delight for the thousands who attended.

We did arrive early, 0900 but it did take some time to enter the site as there was a bag search that delayed things. When we entered we made our way to the Friends of the Fighters tent and paid our entrance fee for the weekend which then enabled us to be on the edge of the tarmac fringe, a great place to view the show. This then would be our base and the place where we would gather when the show was over.

While we waited for the flying to commence we went to the museums on the site, obtained a coffee and doughnut and then sat in our area we had reserved before venturing out to other hangars where many displays were set up.

Following the flying display, we headed back to our hotel for dinner and a deserved drink. Tomorrow we visit the Shuttleworth Collection.




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