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Bomber Command and RAAF in the UK Tour 5 July 2018

Today was the start of yet another Bomber Command Tour and was the day when our group gathered at our hotel at Heathrow for tomorrow we take off to the West. Those who flew in early could not generally move into their room as the previous night the hotel was booked and check out is 1000 and the rooms need preparing after that.

Tom headed into London on the Tube and visited the War Memorial, Rob, Richard, Peter and John visited the Battle of Britain Fighter Command Headquarters at Uxbridge which was not far from our hotel. They were very pleased that they had gone and thought the museum excellent and the chap guiding them made the visit well worthwhile. The original wall maps and plotting board were still there plus many other original artefacts.

This was the room where the control of the squadrons was directed from. The WAAFs were busy running the enemy planes on the board and then the intercepting squadrons were plotted to counter the German attacks. This room actually decided the outcome of the Battle of Britain and saved England.

Jim and Graham arrived in the afternoon as they had been staying in a small hotel, sorry, hotel with small rooms in the centre of London for a few days and related their harrowing taxi ride from there to our hotel. They say that at speed, they saw more back streets than may appear in the local street directory.

Finally, all accounted for, then a drink in the garden open lounge before a lovely dinner. Tomorrow Michael our driver will call for us at 0815 for our move to Salisbury and beyond.


Graham Fleeton
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