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Bomber Command and RAAF in the UK 1939/1945 - 5 July 2017


A free day in York, well, not until 1230 as we headed out to RAF Elvington for a visit to the Museum there. This is a special place where in 1945 the squadrons just walked away and the site was taken over by the Yorkshire Heritage Association. Therefore, the site has frozen in time but has been maintained and augmented with bits and pieces that tend to make one feel that they are on an operational base.

As well as the original buildings, including the NAAFI (Dining Room) and the Tower there are many areas that do take you back to those times. One of the highlights is to visit the Bomber Command Hall that really shows the work and sacrifice of those in the Command.

There are many planes parked outside including the Fairy Gannet, Nimrod and Victor Bomber. Inside the big hangar is the workhorse of Elvington, the Halifax. The Halifax is painted out in both the English Colours and that of France as both groups set off from here. The only 2 French Squadrons in the UK flew from Elvington. Their casualties were 1 in 2, the same as elsewhere. Also in the hangar is the new Mirage $ and standing alongside the Mirage Fighter. The Mirage 4 is a big aircraft and its 2 engines make it an impressive piece of kit.

We left Elvington and were taken back to York, most to the National Railway Centre and soon to be joined by Michael, our Driver and myself as we both had some work to do finalising our timings for the August History and Heritage Railway Tour. Lunch at the Railway Museum and then back to work. The support from the Staff at the museum has been well received and further assisted our efforts to finalise the timings for the Railway Tour.

A welcome drink at a little pub nearby and then off to our hotel and dinner.

Tomorrow we head south to Binbrook, Coingsby and East Kirkby. It should be a very good day indeed.


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