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On Tour - Rail in the UK Tour 30 June 2023


We woke early this morning as the light was very strong from 0430 and made it hard to drop off again for last snoozes. Today was the free day in beautiful York and all took advantage of running free. Much to see and much to do. Russell walked the Battlements of the walled city before breakfast and most still decided to start early with breakfast at around 0700.

There were planned meeting with friends while we were here, Graham B met a friend in the afternoon and Tom went to the National Railway Museum with a local friend. Michael's son came down from Scotland to be with him for a while. So, some great moments for all. Kate and Doug went through the city and the Shambles before returning to gather raincoats. Russell and I had a few things to do for ourselves in the morning, him shopping and me at the National Railway Museum where I met a close friend from the Museum who in fact supported me in planning these Railway Tours back in 2016.

In the early afternoon, as it was planned that the Flying Scotsman was coming up from London, Kings Cross Station, Russell, and I thought that we would try to find a location for some train spotting. Michael gave us a plan on a route that may work so we toddled off at 1420 to find this small pedestrian crossing of the main line into York. Our map reading was excellent and even though a local lady thought that we couldn't go down adjacent to the school to get to the line, we pushed on and completed our mission in time to make acquaintance with RSM retired Peter, a train spotting enthusiast. While we waited for the Flying Scotsman, much chatter ensued, and great friendships were established. Peter even phoned his "pen friend" old word for current Facetime and introduced me to her all the way from Russia.

All this before the great moment when the Flying Scotsman appeared and waited just in sight before being given the all clear to proceed. What a sight she was as she gathered speed towards us with her new white painted canopy. The canopy was newly painted as the King had travelled in her on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway only a few days ago. When Royal personage travels on the train for the first time, and this was the first time for King Charles as the Sovereign, the canopy is newly painted.

Tomorrow we will be travelling on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, but as it is not my first time, there will be no new painting, I suppose!!

Graham Fleeton.


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