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Bomber Command and RAAF in the UK Tour 10 July 2018


North again but first, Cosford Museum. Cosford Museum is the main RAF Museum and has wonderful displays and much more. This Museum is a drawcard for the Primary School children and today was no exception. There must have been at least 6 schools taking their children through the Museum. The hangars are filled with many aircraft from the WW2 period through the experimental stages of the 50s and 60s and includes many displays associated with the Cold War, Missile crisis in Cuba and the Berlin airlift.

Prior to being let loose in the hangers we were taken to see the conservation centre by Peter, one of the staff and were able to view the work being carried out on the refurbishment of the Hampden Bomber and the Wellington Bomber. Following that viewing we went with Peter into the hagar where he explained in great detail why the TSR2, one of the best planes ever built by the British, was cancelled. There was certainly some politics to play at that time as the USA wanted the TSR2 project stopped as in full production it would have caused majpor issues for the sale of the F111.

Peter then handed us over to Martin who gave us a great presentation on his favourite aircraft, the Mosquito. This plane was one of the most versatile aircraft in service during the War. Fighter, bomber, photo reconnaissance, submarine killer and much more. Even though the plane was made from wood it was proved to be a veritable fighting machine. It even had an anti-tank gun fitted which was used to attack shipping and tanks. Firing shells at 60 a minute made the Mosquito a formidable weapon. We thanked Martin and ventured into the hangars.

Our visit concluded at 1230 and we then boarded our coach and started to make our way across country towards the expressway that was to take us into York. After an hour we left the main road and ventured inland to find a nice pub for lunch. In not toolong we saw what we wanted, the 3 Horseshoes and what a nice pub it was were we had a beer while lunch was being prepared. Lunch phase completed and we returned to t e main road to resume our journey. However, 15 miles down the road all came to a halt. After some time an ambulance pushed through the road block followed a little later by the Police. We waited for 45 minutes before being able to move off, but at a very slow pace. We believe that it must have been quitean accident to hold up the main road for such a time. It will again now be a late arrival into York but let us hope that casualties from the accident are light and all can make it home tonight.


Graham Fleeton
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