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Bomber Command and RAAF in the UK 1939 to 1945 on 6 July 2019


We headed further to the West as we were to visit the RNAS Museum at Yeovilton. As it didn't open till 1000 we gave everyone a chance to sleep in and we left at 0900. On the way we stopped to see the Fouvant Badges but the way the sun was on them and it was quite hard to make out the fine detail, so, we decided to try again there at the end of the day. Our next stop on our programme was to visit the RNAS at Yeovilton so we headed off towards Yeovilton.

On the way we were so fortunate that the country is looking so fresh and green. It seems that since some major rainfall three weeks ago, were the UK received a months rain in 3 days, everything has grown and greened up. To get to Yeovilton we had to pass through the town that in the 9th Century was the stronghold of King Alfred. Shaftesbury is located on top of a very high hill and proved a great strongpoint from where Alfred sallied forth to engage the Danes. It was he who finally gathered the people of England together to counter the Danish invasion. He succeeded where many others had failed.

Arriving at Yeovilton we paid our entrance fee and proceeded to enjoy all the museum has to offer and there is much to see. From a mock up of the HMS Arch Royal aircraft carrier to the Concord and also many stands with stories about the past of the RNAS. There is a very good display with timelines of the Falklands campaign, Normandy, Far East campaign against Japan and then the stories of the aircraft that are on display in their home at the museum. We did stop and see the Fouvant badges and our decision to return was vindicated.

An earlier night tonight for tomorrow we hit the road again but without any time constraints.

Graham Fleeton


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