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On Tour - Bomber Command (RAAF in the UK) 15 July 2015


We are in York following a really big day traversing the Yorkshire countryside looking for and finding quite a few WW2 airfields where family or friends of those on tour had served. Most of the airfields were being used for another purpose now but we found them. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack and many times I jumped off the coach to ask, "Do you know where the wartime airfield was?" As long as it was not a young person, the answer was mostly positive but some of the directions very interesting.

Today we started by looking for another airfield from where an uncle had served, but fortunately was not one of the 55,000 from Bomber Command who did not. We went on to the old airfield, Alan took some photos and then had to face the owner who sped up to see what we were doing, Alan told the "cranky" owner, said goodbye and we headed out to the 10 Sqn Memorial.

We then returned to RAF Elvington, we had passed it as we headed out to RAF Melbourne for Alan. Elvington is a must for the enthusiasts as it has the only Halifax and a Mosquito that is being restored and getting ready to be used for taxying only. They cannot chance flying as a crash would wipe it out as it is made of wood.

A few hours here before we returned to York where all ventured into York for a look at the heritage aspects including the City walls, the Shambles and the train museum.

Tomorrow we head down south to the IWM Museum at Cosford near Wolverhampton.



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