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Our Other ANZAC Day 29 April 2017


Today was a change of pace for the tour, no battlefield or cemetery visits. The tour spent an enjoyable day walking around the medieval city of Brugge.

Briefly, the city of Brugge dates its history back two thousand years to an origin as a Gallic-Roman settlement. Overrun briefly by Romans and then Germanic tribes, in medieval times Brugge became a leading international port city in the region then known as Flanders. Called the Venice of the North, the hub of Brugge's history lies in the late Middle Age and early Renaissance periods. Like Venice and other port cities of pre-Renaissance Europe, Brugge was instrumental in using its status as a commercial center and cultural nexus to bring about the advent of modern Western civilization.

Relatively passive during Revolutions Industrial and French, World Wars I and II, Brugge's middle age holds the heart of its past. The city's medieval cityscape left unspoiled for centuries, Brugge's ancient architecture has practically been shrink-wrapped, allowing an incredibly successful tourist economy to thrive to this day.

Putting history aside, Brugge is also famous its part lace. This is made in pieces, with the designs later joined together to make the final lace.

Let's not overlook the delicious food that the City of Brugge has to offer, such as freshly made waffles with toppings of your choice, hot chips with mayonnaise, Belgium handmade chocolates, mussels with a selection of great tasting sauces and of course the best hot chocolate drink in the world.

PS, the Organ Grinder (minus Monkey) in the picture below was cheerfully singing a great rendition of the late Slim Dusty song, 'THE PUB WITH NO BEER'.



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