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Western Front to Normandy Tour 25 September 2018


Huey (the infantryman's God of Weather) had pretty much blown himself out over the weekend and we awoke to a far more benign day than we had experienced earlier in the week.

Following our 'Last Supper' dinner the night before everyone was remarkably chipper. One slight drama was accounting for the Flynn's. A minute or two - no problem but when it stretches beyond five the question is "has something happened?" Indeed it had. Adrian and Mary had been stuck in the elevator for 15 minutes which is more than enough to rattle anyone's cage. After sorting that out we reflected on what had been an excellent stay at the Gold Beach Hotel, looked after by Vito and his human dynamo colleague Marko, Chief Salla and the rest of the crew.

Fantastic - great location good food and excellent service. Despite getting a bit warm in the loft of the upstairs rooms it's hard to fault this venue.

Our driver Leigh welcomed us on board for what proved to be a quick and uneventful return journey to Paris and the Roissy Novotel with a comfort stop on the way. So ended an excellent twelve day program counting the first last and transit day from Ieper to Normandy.

Bruce and Suzanne headed for Gare du Nord and the UK followed shortly afterwards by Adrian and Mary who flew out for Ireland. The rest of us enjoyed a grand finale in Roissy that evening ith the bulk of the rest of our crew heading off the following morning.

As tour leader/guide I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all tour participants for wonderful company. I hope we were able to make the program as personal as could be managed and that we were able to share your own personal commemoration and tour objectives.

My thanks also to our drivers Serge and Leigh for their professionalism, courtesy and above all judgement in getting us around in safety and comfort.

Thank you also to Graham Fleeton and Battlefield History Tours for making this program the enjoyable and fulfilling experience I hope it has been for everyone involved.

As we say the VWM "If we mean it when we say 'We Will Remember Them', we need to know who they were." Lest we forget.

BHT is keen to see the tour run again so "tell your friends" as they say in the classics.


Best wishes

Steve Larkins
Battlefield History Tours.


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