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On Tour - Greece and Crete Tour 24 April 2017


Our last day up country for today were on the way back to Athens. We have surely covered much ground and most probably have been to more areas of Greece that the people who live here. From up at the border with FROYM to Sfakia on the southern shore of Crete and from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea and much in between.

We were to drive through Arcadia on our way to Corinth and as we went through the beautiful mountains we called in to our driver Tassos's home village at Petraldna. What a wonderful reception he received from his parents as they had not seen him since last summer. Many in the village turned out to greet Tassos and our group and it was not long before coffee and sweet bread, yoghurt, special sweet cheese and last of all corned pork. What a feast which made lunch plans for Corinth redundant.

After some time we dragged ourselves away and were sad to do so as the people in this village were very hospitable and Tassos had lovely parents who will miss him a lot. But leave we did and carried on towards Corinth first and then Athens. Continuing through Arcadia, that romantic place of the art group of the 19th Century including the poet Byron, we finally burst out of the mountains and arrived at the special bridge at Corinth. This bridge goes down to let ships pass, not up.

We watched a couple of ships passing while we had a coffee and ice cream and then proceeded into Athens and checked into our hotel which is really well placed for the Acropolis and the Plaka. We are going to a favourite restaurant for dinner tonight and then back to prepare for tomorrow is ANZAC Day.



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