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On Tour - Greece and Crete Tour 24 April 2013


The next morning was the start of our full day touring Athens. We visited the copy of the original Olympic Stadium which was used in the 1896 games, is the finish of the Athens marathon each year and was used in the 2004 Olympic Games and was used for Archery and also the end of the Marathon. We moved then to see the changing of the Presidential Guard and then and then after a tour through Athens we went to the famous Acropolis on the highest hill in Athens. The site is being somewhat restored and much work is going on.

Unfortunately, this year we had to share the site with the passengers off several cruise ships.

Following our visit to the Acropolis we attended the new Acropolis Museum where our guide, Elena, gave a very interesting and detailed explanation of the artefacts held there. One of the photos shows some archaeological work being carried out underneath the floor of the Museum's entrance.

Tomorrow we will be conducting the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Phaleron Cemetery.



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