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On Tour - Greece and Crete Tour 23 April 2017


Today we went through the Olympic Village of those ancient times. There has been much work done in the village over the last few years and even some of the columns have been refurbished, always in a different material so that one knows what was original. We saw the gymnasium where they trained, the Sanctuary where the Temples and Alters were and the arena which held up to 60,000 people.

Following our visit we made our way to the Museum to view the artefacts that had been gathered when the site was excavated. Max and I took the horse and cart from the site to the Museum as an alternative means of transport.

After the visit to the Museum lunch was taken at a restaurant close by and following lunch we left to visit a private museum which specialised in the Korean War and the Greek Army's participation. Capt Constantinos Farros served in the Greek Army during the War and has built a Memorial in his backyard as a tribute for the Greek soldiers who were lost in that campaign. Following a view of his Museum we conducted a small Service in the memory of those lost, played the Last Post and lowered the flags of Greece, South Korea, United Nations and Australia. When the flags were re-raised, the Greek flag was at half mast in respect for those lost in an Army helicopter crash a few days ago.

Constantinos told us that when the 1941 War started, his parents sent him away to Brallos, not knowing that the Brallos Pass was to be the scene of heavy fighting in April 1941. After the action move through Brallos, Constantinos, a 10 year old boy at the time, went up the pass and found a site where 2 25 Pounder Australian field guns had been hit by enemy fire. There was wreckage and shells spread over the ground. It was this position where a friend of Max Willis was killed on 22 April 1941 as part of a section from 2/4 Battalion who were a protection party for the guns. A small world indeed.

After some refreshments, we said our goodbyes and headed back home for tomorrow we are returning to Athens.


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