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Battle of Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) - 8 August 2017


An interesting day.

We started with a visit to the site of the Alligator Creek (or Tenaru) battle, where on 21 April 1942 the US Marines inflicted the first defeat suffered by the Japanese Army in World War 2. We paused at the site of the mass grave with its poignant marker then went on to view where the battle happened, at the mouth of Ilu River.

1030 saw us at the Hells Point live ordnance recovery and disposal facility. We were given a briefing on this humanitarian work and shown around the facility. Everyone was impressed.

Lunch, then on to the Japanese Memorial a place of tranquillity at which to remember so many lives lost. Onward to Mount Austin where we were able to see how the Japanese were able to track with binos every movement of US troops around Henderson field. Then to the GIFU where the Japanese had their last stand in January 1943. There we were most impressed with the village with its tidiness, collection of relics, and work the villagers had done in restoring Japanese wartime foxholes.



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