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On Tour - Greece and Crete Tour 8 April 2023

Finally, all our team are safely together in our Athens Hotel. Some have been here or in another hotel until now and all have some wonderful stories to tell about their adventures in this ancient City. Tomorrow we are heading off on this special commemorative tour of the Battlefields of the campaign fought by those sent to Greece to help in its time of need. The campaign was against the odds from the start but the subsequent withdrawal down the Greek Peninsula, escaping to Crete to fight again and then being forced to evacuate from there was an incredible success.

We will cover the same ground and as we move throughout the mainland and on to Crete, we will get a perspective of the task that was before them. We do have family of those who were here in 1941 and fortunately that family member made it safely back to Australia but being here will certainly be very moving.

As well as the history of the campaign we will be taken through the ancient history of Greece itself through the knowledge of our guide, Dr Elena Sulioti. But first we are here in Athens and enjoyed our day before we head to Delphi in the morning. It was a very nice clear day in Athens and as we were still waiting for some still to join us, David, Lesley, John and I went and had a coffee at the nice café in the early part of the Plaka, the oldest part of Athens. After coffee they headed to the Archaeological Museum which they thoroughly enjoyed, I meandered through part of the Plaka where people lived now where others had lived nearly 3000 years ago. We are looking forward to our adventures together over the next few weeks.

Graham Fleeton.

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