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Beersheba Centenary Tour 29 October 2017


Today was a day of culture and experience. We headed west from Jerusalem and turned south at Jericho to follow the shore of the Dead Sea where we passed the caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.

Our first stop was Masada where after a short video introduction most of us ascended the heights by cable car, the more fit and adventurous taking the snake path. On the heights, our local guides told the story of the Jewish rebellion 2000 years ago, the building of the Roman ramp, and the ultimate suicide of those holding the heights. The ruins impressed, in particular the remains of Herod's palace and the Roman ramp.

Back at ground level we bussed to the Crown Plaza Hotel on the shore of the Dead Sea. There, after lunch, most took to the waters. Most refreshing, if a little salty.

Back to our hotel via a pitt stop and close encounter with a camel, a drink, another excellent meal, and bed, tomorrow we have a free day in Jerusalem before departing for Tel Aviv at 1500.


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