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Beersheba Centenary Tour 26 October 2017


A great day of cultural immersion interspersed with the odd battle description.

We headed out early, due south toward the West Bank. The first stop was the excavated Roman city at Biet Shean. We walked through the bath house, the red-light district, commercial area and theatre; the most adventurous climbed to the site of the acropolis. The quality of the archaeology can be marvelled at in our photos.

On to Biet Alpha where we were impressed by the mosaic floor of an 1800-year-old Synagogue and the dramatisation of the story behind it. Lunch was this time not in a box, but an excellent repast at a nearby Kibbutz.

Our first battle presentation was on the disastrous Es Salt Raid at the site where John the Baptist reputedly baptised Jesus. This was followed by a talk on the taking of Jerusalem in 1917 at the Mount of Olives. Whilst riding the freeways, our guests were diverted by details of the Light Car Patrol organisation and operation; and protecting the Turks at Ziza.

Much culture too as we learned from our local guides about the West Bank, Jericho and Jerusalem.

A briefing on the next few days followed evening meal, then to bed, tomorrow, Bethlehem.



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