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Armistice Day Centenary Tour 7 November 2018


Today was our first day of battlefield touring, and it rained.

At the glade of the Armistice, we found the site in a state of flux, the centenary of 11 November is approaching, and preparations were en train. On the bus, then at the site, John Lee gave the tour group details of what happened in 1918 and 1940.

The Museum was found to be completely refurbished. Exhibits were cleaned, and name plates refreshed. Two new rooms were added, now comprehensively telling the story of the site, complete with contemporary colour photos of the 1940 ceremony.

Lunch at a freeway stop was very filling.

Next we visited the Victoria School and Museum. The Museum has new video panels and some great new displays. We were very impressed.

The Adelaide Cemetery was but a short distance down the road. There whilst shivering against the cold we paid our respects at the graves, including the empty one from where the unknown soldier was taken. At least it had stopped raining.


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