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On Tour - Greece and Crete Tour 23 April 2016


This was our last day away from Athens for tomorrow we return to Tour Athens and then the Acropolis. We started the day with an extensive visit of the Olympia site and our guide, Elena, took us through the site with an excellent commentary. We started at the gymnasium which has been further excavated since our last visit and the excavation now shows the gymnasium at nearly double the size that was on view previously.

We then moved to the sanctuary where the Olympic flame is lit before each games. In fact, the ceremony of the lighting of the flame, from the Sun's rays was carried out yesterday, 21 April. The first time that they carried out this exercise was the idea of Hitler for his 1936 games and that also was the first time that runners carried the torch after it was lit. The runners ran from Olympia to Berlin on that occasion.

There were many artefacts unearthed as part of the evacuations from the start, firstly by the Germans and then by the French. Many are in the Museum attached to the site but some were taken away and are in other Museums around the world. Our visit to the Museum lasted about an hour and a half and we were able to see many object that were previously on the Temple of Zeus, most impressive.

Lunch followed in a nearby restaurant before we travelled out to the coast at Pyrjos and visited an old friend who has a Private Museum dedicated to the Greek soldiers who fell in the Korean War. It is an excellent museum and he also has a Bren Carrier and a Ferret Scout car, both in excellent working condition.

We conducted a small Service in front of his Memorial and then had some refreshments on the patio overlooking the Ionian Sea. After our refreshments we said goodbye and returned to our hotel for tonight we may be dancing.


The photo above right is of three of our group, Rosemary, Rox and Charles laying under the Olive Trees as did their fathers when they were waiting to be evacuated. Charles has a photo of a group of the Nurses from 2/5 AGH gathered under the Olive Trees just like this photo, his mother was one of the nurses at the 2/5th AGH.


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