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On Tour - Greece and Crete Tour 22 April 2016


We are back on the mainland following our very interesting visit to Crete where we followed the action of that ill-fated campaign. It did not have to be the result that happened as with a bit more foresight from both General Freyberg and the Commander at Maleme, the result could have been in favour of the defenders. A sad affair costing many lives.

Arriving at Piraeus Harbour we then met our driver Tasos and made our way to our breakfast break at a hotel in Athens. Great hotel, great breakfast and then we started our journey for the day that was to take us to Corinth, Argos, Navplion, Kalamatta and finally Olympia/

This was a huge day with much happening. Firstly, we saw the beach at Megara where many of our Force evacuated from the we stopped at the Corinth Canal to discuss the action there where the Paratroopers landed hoping to secure the bridge but a lucky shot from either Capt Phillips or Lt Lyon's rifle shots hit the charges and dropped the bridge into the Canal. This lucky shot gained time for the movement to Argo, Naplion and Kalamatta. All the time the evacuating planners could gather was needed if they wanted to get many of our force off and away.

We visited the town of Argos, where our troops passed through in the early hours of the morning on the way through. We then visited Naplion where the Destroyers had berthed to take off amongst others the nurses of the 2/5th AGH.

After lunch in the old city we proceeded to Kalamatta, home of the Kalamatta olives, to view the area where so many were evacuated from and also where many were left behind. By a terrible quirk of fate, one radio signal going wrong meant that 6000 would become POWs.

After a coffee break, we continued on our way to OLYMPIA.



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